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Custom portraits - they make a great gift for the classic car enthusiast !   

Many classic car owners have spent many months if not years restoring their classic car to looking like the day it came out of the showroom.  Some modify them to obtain the performance they require to meet the challenge of the race.  Either way the vehicle is a "work of art" and like any work of art it should be remembered for ever. From my studio located in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia, I have been specializing in creating stylistic, digital commissioned portraits for British & American vintage cars for owners and enthusiasts for over twenty years. These original stylistic portraits and prints are images that are drawn on the computer with the same skill and artistry you would use in a conventional painting.  The backgrounds are my own paintings or photography done for the client. They are also digitally printed on high quality, acid free, non-fade paper.  These sample portraits shown below are all 11" x 14" , some of the prints are shown with a quality silver frame for illustration, framing however is an extra service.  The prints that are not framed are shipped rolled in a hard cardboard tube for protection.  Below you will find a small sample of the type of unique portraits I have done for clients over the years. For more samples or more information on pricing and ordering, please click here.


 WWhy not put your classic British car in an exotic or familiar place ?

Here are some samples - just click on images for larger samples


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