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# 265 - GM Firebird prototype
                  GM FIREBIRD PROJECT CAR

The General Motors Firebird comprises a quartet ofthe prototype cars that General motors engineered for the 1953, 1956, and 1959 Motorama auto shows. The cars' designer, Harley Earl, took his inspiration from the innovations in fighter aircraft design at the time. General Motors never intended the cars for production, but rather to showcase the extremes in technology and design that the company was able to achieve. The cars recently joined the display at theHenry Ford Museum in Dearborn  Michigan, and still make regular car show appearances.
The Pontiac Division of General MotorsGalso used the name "Firebird" forthe line of "Pony cars" that followed, which has no direct relation to the concept cars. 


# 266 - 1953 Alfa Romeo project car

The Alfa Romeo BAT is an Italian concept car. The car originated in a joint collaboration project between Alfa Romeo and the Italian design house Bertone that began in 1953. Of the successful project came three cars: the BAT 5 in 1953, the BAT 7 in 1954, and finally the BAT 9 in 1955. All three cars were designed by Franco Scaglioni.  
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    # 268 - 1958 Cadillac Cyclone Project

One of the last cars designed by the legendary Harley Earl, the Cyclone, was a testbed for futuristic styling and technology. Built on a 104"wheelbase chassis, it featured a front-mounted 390 ci, rear-mounted engine, and an all-wheel independent suspension. Uniquely, the Cyclone's engine exhaust was ported out just ahead of the front wheels. It also featured a radar operated collision avoidance system  with the radar sensors mounted in twin "nose-cones" on the front of the car.
Of the Cyclone's stylistic features, the bubble top canopy was the most prominent. Silver coated for UV protection, the canopy automatically opened along with the sliding electrically operated doors. The canopy could also be stowed in the rear compartment, where it rested on a special air-bag base.
Cyclone's design was heavily inspired by the aviation and rocket designs of the 1950s.

#312  Lambirghini - Egoista Concept

 The Lamborghini Egoista is a concept car unveiled by Lamborghihi for the company's 50th anniversary. The fully functioning model is based on the Gallado. It features a 5.2 L (317 cu in) V10 engine.

The Lamborghini Egoista has a unique one-seat cockpit, which is similar to that of a modern fighter jet, and has a canopy door that is completely removable. The steering wheel must be removed to enter and exit the vehicle.[In Italian, Egoista literally means "selfish". According to the model's designerWalter de Silva, the Egoista "represents hedonism taken to the extreme."[2]The car is now on display at the Lamborghini Museum located inSant' Agata Bolognese.Sant'Agata Bolognese.

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