Are you getting married or planning a special family event ?
Then this is for you.

I have been creating digital art and products for over twenty five years, mostly for the classical automobile owners and enthusiasts.  One of the products we create in our studio is custom designed coasters.  These are not made out of paper or card, they are a hardened foam rubber, the image surface on our photographic coasters are coated with a "state of the art" material that can be digitaaly printed on in full colour.  It is heat proof and water resistant and under normal use can be cleaned with a wipe from a damp cloth.  They are perfect for family celebrations and events such as weddings, trade shows, advertsing and promotions.

For These coasters are not expensive and will fit into any budget.   For more information on pricing
     and terms of delivery etc., please email our studio at: corium-art@shaw.ca

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